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Must Have Got Through On The Public Vote

It’s been over 18 hours since the end of the 1st Semi Final, so were there any huge shocks non qualifiers last night? These are the countries that really surprised me not making it to the final.

Switzerland: I really felt that Sinplus had the superior performance over Hungary, I felt that Unbreakable was the superior of the two songs and that it just worked far better than Hungary. For myself I think that Switzerland would have a far better chance of a good ranking in the final do than Hungary, but then that is just me.

Finland: Finland was always the superior of the Belgium and showed it on the night. I personally felt that it was a sweet enough song to make it through into the final, the staging was better than Belgium, it was more appealing and just had a better feel. I’m not sure what country they could have replaced possibly Albania.

Interestingly the EBU this morning that one of the songs made it through on the jury vote and one on the public vote. I have a feeling that Albania made it through on the jury vote, it was a stunning song and she had an amazing voice. The public vote for made had to be either Ireland or Romania, Romania struggled due to issues with sound and well Ireland really looked a bit of a mess. Jedward looked like knights gone wrong and the performance was all over the place.

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