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Will They Finally Make It To The Final?

As we all know you can never truly predict a semi final. So what would be a first in the contest if it were to happen tonight?:

  • Montenegro Qualifying for the final

Yes Montenegro has never yet qualified for a Eurovision Final, their best result was back in 2009 the last time they took part in the contest. In 2009 they came 11th with “Just Get Out Of My Life” on 44 points. The likely hood of qualification for Euro Neuro is very slim with it being the bookies 2nd favourite to finish last.

  • San Marino Making It To The Final

Yes in the two past contest the tiny nation has been in they have never finished higher than 16th in a semi final. Tonight they may be able to get their best result in the contest yet but qualification for the final would be a huge shock to everyone.

  • Greece Not Making It To The Final

Since the semi finals were introduced back in 2004 Greece has yet to not make it out of them. Tonight they will more than likely make it straight into the final with Elefetheria Elefthierou and her song “Aphrodisiac”.

  • Romania Not Making It To The Final

Romania is another one of those countries that has never missed a Eurovision Final, Mandinga with Zalielah look more or less certain to qualify for Saturday night’s final.

  • Urdmurt In A Eurovision Semi Final

Well we all know this will happen unless something has happened to the Grannies after I post this article. It will also be a bit of fun tonight hearing another new language in the contest after we heard Swahili for the first time last year.

Now what would be nice for some nations tonight?

  • Latvia Making It To The Final

We have not seen Latvia in a final since 2008 when “Wolves Of The Sea” was the song that represented the Baltic state. Qualification for the final is possible with the catch number “Beautiful Song”, however Latvia will be happy with a result higher than 17th place in a semi final.

  • Ireland Into The Final For A 3rd Year Running

Poor Ireland has not been in 3 contest running since 1999-2001. So if it’s any consolation for Irish fans it will probably be your night tonight, Jedward look very likely to make it to Saturdays show with the song “Waterline”.

  • Hungary In The Final For A Second Year Running

The last time Hungary were in the final for 2 years running was back in 1997-98, Compact Disco are representing them tonight. Their hope of qualification is very much 50/50.

  • Cyprus Making It To A Final

Cyprus in the 90s got a bit to used to good results, since the start of the millennium we have seen them in just 6 finals, but when you put it into perspective they have managed to get into only 3 finals since the introduction of Semi Finals. They will also be hoping to redeem themselves after their worst result ever in the contest 18th in the semi final.

So have fun tonight pondering over those thoughts.

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