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Junior Eurovision 2012: Who could take part this year?


Lets have a think shall we?

Junior Eurovision may be over 8 months away but we should start to begin hearing about the participation of countries in the next month or two. So far we know that Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and Russia will take part in Amsterdam, but who else could we see on stage in the Netherlands?

Will they? Wont they?

The 2011 contest saw Malta and Serbia withdraw from the contest, so would they be coming back?

Well Malta had an average placing of 10th, they never managed to get in the top.5 more that once but there always seemed to be enthusiasm from the Maltese people. It is thought that Malta withdrew due to a lack of budget for getting out to Armenia. If Malta were to return, they would bring the English language back to the contest again.

Serbia withdrew last year due to a lack of available funds for participation in Armenia. They were thought to to be returning to the contest in the next year or two however the Serbian Head of Delegation said that he hoped Serbia would be back in 2012 “not disappoint the Serbian kids”, it is also thought that a one year break is long enough for the channel to get finances back together for Participation.

Do it together?

Could San Marino and Italy make their debut this year?

San Marino looked set to take part last year. In October last year the San Marino HOD said Alessandro Capicchiono

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