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It's The Final!

Tonight is the biggest night in the National Final season as Sweden selects who will represent the Nordic Giant at Eurovision. This year has one of the strongest Finals in a couple of years as the giants of Melodifestivalen and the Eurovision Family battle it out for the once place in Baku. For the past 5 weeks Sweden has been fixated by Melodifestivalen as we have seen big names knocked out.

Afrodite were knocked out in the first semi final with their song “The Boy Can Dance” a big schlager number that had a number of fans on their feet. The Moniker also returned and came last in Semi Final 1 with a song very different to “Oh My God!”. In Semi Final 4 Charlotte Perelli was knocked out coming 5th with her song “The Girl”. In the Second Chance round Timoteij were knocked out by Top Cats.

Tonight will see Sweden deciding their Eurovision entrant. Sweden itself with vote in their thousands for each song, this will then be combined with the score of the jury vote from across every region in Sweden. Then Melodifestivalen will call on the votes of jury’s from across Europe. Tonight sees the following nations chosing the song as well:

  1. Belgium
  2. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Estonia
  5. France
  6. Cyprus
  7. Ireland
  8. Malta
  9. Norway
  10. Germany
  11. Ukraine

Between these 11 nations there are 680 points to be allocated, with a maximum of 132 points going to one song and a minimum of nul point. In the event of the international jury being stuck on two songs, the Swedish vote will over rule the others and the winning song will be chosen from there.

The 10 acts tonight taking part include Danny Sucedo who came 2nd last year behind Eric Saade. Eric’s girlfriend however Molly Sanden will also be taking part, but tonight’s favourite is Loreen. Here is the complete list of tonight’s participant’s in running order:

  1. David Lindgren

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