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This is what the bookies think...

Now going by the bookmakers odds currently here are the predicted results of tonights contest in Yerevan.


1st. Russia or the Netherlands

2nd. Russia or the Netherlands

3rd. Belarus

4th. Sweden

5th. Ukraine

6th. Belgium

7th. Armenia

8th. Georgia

9th. Latvia

10th. Lithuania

11th. Moldova

12th. Bulgaria

13th. FYR Macedonia


It is no suprise to see FYR Macedonia and Bulgaria in the last two spots, they have consistently come last in the opinion polls and the viewing figures. Latvia are suprisngly low on the board, they are expected by many to come in around 5th place. The top.5 places are also very interesting as at the minute there is no clear cut winner that we can see. Youtube views analysis coming up soon.

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