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Is this is what Europe thinks?

After having a look at what Youtube thinks lets have a look at what the world of Eurovision and the bookies think the top 3 will be tonight: esc forum voting predicts: Belarus, Bulgaria, Belgium Sweden, Lithuania, Netherlands predicts: Russia, The Netherlands, Belarus predicts: Netherlands, Belgium, Russia predicts: Netherlands, Armenia, Belgium predicts: Belarus, Sweden, Russia predicts: Netherlands, Sweden, Armenia blog predicts: Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine
ToTo Bookmaker predicts: Belarus, Sweden, Belgium
OddsBet Bookmaker predicts: Russia, Netherlands, Belarus Bookmaker predicts: Russia, Netherlands, Belarus
Knockknock Eurosongs predicts: Netherlands, Belarus, Russia

Youtube predicts: Sweden, Russia, Netherlands predicts: Russia, Sweden, Netherlands


So lets break down these details and add in the Youtube stats as well.

Sweden to win: 2

Russia to win: 4

The Netherlands to win: 5

Belarus to win: 3


So the fans, bookies and youtube think that the Netherlands will win the contest with a majority of votes. Belarus, Sweden and Russia are the other possible winners at this stage.


Sweden to come 2nd: 4

Russia to come 2nd: 2

The Netherlands to come 2nd: 3

Belarus to come 2nd: 1

Armenia to come 2nd: 1

Belgium to come 2nd: 1

Lithuania to come 2nd: 1

Bulgaria to come 2nd: 1


So there is no clear 2nd place at this stage, Sweden and the Netherlands are drawn for second place however if the nation to win is correct, then Sweden would come a very respectable 2nd place in Yerevan.


Sweden to come 3rd: 0

Russia to come 3rd: 3

The Netherlands to come 3rd: 3

Belarus to come 3rd: 3

Armenia to come 3rd: 2

Belgium to come 3rd: 2

Lithuania to come 3rd: 0

Ukraine to come 3rd: 1


And we see that the joint favourites to come 3rd are Belarus and Russia. We also see that if Sweden do not come 2nd or 1st then they will not come 3rd according to the fan sites.

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