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With Just 1 Week To Go....

Now as we all know YouTube can be an excellent indicator of the popularity of the entries but you have to take the viweings with a pinch of salt. Anyway here are the current rankings with just 1 week to go till the contest:

1st. Sweden (Erik Rapp – Faller) 14,263

2nd. Netherlands (Rachel – Teenager) 11,233

3rd. Russia (Katya Ryabova – Romeo and Juliet) 10,749

4th Georgia (Candy – Candy Music) 10,495

5th Latvia (Amanda Bashmakova – Moondog) 9,449

6th Belgium (Femke – Een Kusje Meer0 6,083

7th Moldova (Lerika – No No) 5,667

8th Lithuania (Pauline Skrabyte – Debesys)

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