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NRK have announces two new participants for MGP

Two More For MGP 2012

NRK have announced another two participants for the MGP 2012. Like every other participant they have one goal, the goal to represent Norway in ESC 2012 in baku.The two participants announced this week are the band “The Carburetors” and Lise Karlsnes.

The Carburators:

The Carburators
The Carburetors are a norwegian rock band that consist of 5 members: Eddie Guz, Kai Kidd, Stian Krogh, King O`men and Chris Nitro. “Behind the name of the band we have 5 band members that have a great love for fast cars, especially from the 60`s and 70`s. according to the band, it is a small engine roaring in their music”The name of the song that they are going to perform on stage is “Don`t touch the flame” according to the band the song is going to be a hard rock, guitar based song.The Carburetors said to NRK that they want to represent Norway in the ESC final, and that Norway have three things: The Fjords, The Munch-Museum and The Carburetors.


Lise Karlsnes:

Lise Karsnes

The other new participant announced by NRK is Lise Karlsnes. Lise have previously experience from the band “Briskeby” and will be a great addition to MGP. Lise told NRK that MGP and Eurovision is one of the few really great shows around, and it have been a long kept secret to be able to perform in MGP or ESC.

The host of MGP, Per Sundnes. is happy with that Lise is in this years competition. and is sure that she will give Norway a spectacular show.
Lise have been wanted for MGP for a long time. Already last year the MGP team asked Lise if she wanted to participate, however she did not participate in last years competition. However she will be participating this year with a song that she has written and that will be on her next album “Dance or Die” this album will be her first solo album. Earlier in her life she has moved between London, Malm

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