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Arabvision or the Arab World (MENA) Song Contest was created back in 2008when the EBU was selling the rights to the broadcast a eurovision style showleft right and centre. Nibras Media Ltd bought the rights to broadcast thecontest in the Middle East with the aim of setting up the contest in theregion, since then we have no idea what has become of the contest. All we knowis that following countries would have been eligible;

Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon,Libya, Maurtiania, Morocco, Oman , Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia,Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

Interestingly the only nations that could be part of MENA that have gotclose or have participated are Tunisia, Morocco and Lebanon. Now Tunisia wereto participate 4th at Eurovision 1977 and then withdrew for no apparent reason,the expected reason is that they were unwilling to participate with Israel, in2007 ERTT of Tunisia were reported saying they would not be in Eurovision forthe foreseeable future due to a government request since then the governmenthas fallen raising hope of participation in the future.

Morocco is the only nation to actually participate at Eurovision, theyappeared at the 1980 contest coming 18th (2nd last) with 7 points. Currently 2MTV are applying to be a member of the EBU and could participate when theybecome a member of the EBU. Earlier this year the French head of delegationsaid that Morocco “were likely to return”.

Lebanon has tried to compete and even got a song ready and were ready to goto Kiev until Lebanon hit a snag with the EBU. They would not broadcaster theIsraeli song which went on to finish 4th. Lebanon would have sent Aline Lahoudwith “Quand tout s’enfuit” via the Tele Liban channel. Some say thewithdrawal may have had nothing to do with Israel but to do with the financialcircumstances surrounding Tele Liban, it is according to many Lebanese poorlywatched and has little money due to the government corruption surrounding thestation. Lebanese participation is still doubtful due to all other Lebanese stations have political alliances to parties. There are also no other EBU member channels in the nation.

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