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Maria Lawson Enters Switzerlands National Selection For 2012

Maria Lawson who you may remember from the 2nd series of the X-Factor backin 2005 who came 8th has sent as song to SF the Swiss German broadcaster to tryto represent Switzerland in Baku next year. Maria is the second Brit to enter asong to the SF website after Georgea Blakey from Birmingham with “Get OverYou”.
Marias song is called “Champion” and really could grace the chartsany day, it is beautiful, it’s modern and really deserves to make it to thefinal this December. We will try to send some questions to her via email and wewill post them here as soon as we get a reply. Here is her song: Champion.

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  1. I am not sure, you have to click back on that page to the vidoes to wathc the rest. You may need a java update possibly.

  2. Thank you. I think you were right, maybe it was also a problem because I wasn't using Mozilla Firefox… But it's ok now, thanks again!

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