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Total Points received: 1373
Points received in the semi finals: 103
Points received in the finals: 1370
Average points per contest: 31.2 (Semi Final + Final)

Austria debuted at the 2nd ever back in 1957 and since then has participated in 44 contest. Austria has pulled out of the contest a number of times the most recently being from 2008-2010, in those years Austria saw the contest as many western nations as a waste of time due to political voting and a lack of a chance to win, but with last year’s German victory Austria decided to return to the contest. Let’s see how Austria has voted in all those years in 1st place with 167 points is the United Kingdom their most recent set of points to Austria was back in 2002 9 years ago when they gave 12 points to “Come Back”. 2nd highest nation is Ireland with 146 points their most recent points coming this year when they gave 4 points to Jedward, third place goes to France with 109, Germany only comes 5th with 101 points. The favour for the most points received is returned by the UK with 81 points, the most recent coming this year with 2 points to Nadine. 2nd nation is Turkey on 71 points, the most recent points coming again this year when 1 point made its way to Vienna and finally Belgium comes 3rd with 66 points the last point coming back in  2003 when 2 points went from Brussels to Vienna. Interestingly the only other Top.5 nation that Austria votes for who gave enough points to get in the Top.5 returning points is Ireland with just 61 points.

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