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Norway not in JESC 2011 or MGP Nordic

In a email from NRK today they have outlined their opinions on Junior Eurovision and Melodi Grand Prix Nordic. Here is what the email said:

MGPjr is an autonomous project that is twice as large as the other Nordic countries. Therefore, it is not necessary to have an international event other than it‘s fun. It is associated with high costs of sending a Norwegian delegation abroad and this year was no funds for this. We are rather large in our national event on 3-9.

 What this email is saying is that their MGP.jr within Norway is substantial enough as it is, they see no need in sending representatives to Junior Eurovision like other nations do. They also say that sending a Norwegian delegation is not possible due to a lack of funds at NRK for the event. So this rules them out of this year’s contest, but does not rule them out of next year’s contest.

In regards to MGP Noridc here is a clarification on their stance:

MGP NORDIC was a Nordic cooperation, which eventually started the JESC.
JESC developed in an adult towards the cultivation of children’s idols, why did the Nordic countries back to the original plan.It was DR who withdrew, and SVT enrolled in JESC (as one of the few western countries) So it was impossible for Finland and Norway to arrange Nordic longer.

Now this sounds as of Norway would be interested in having the contest restarted along with Finland but due to the current situation regarding Denmark and Sweden it is not possible. Their view on JESC here again is that the contest has turned it a bit of fun into the idolisation of children, this is one of the reasons Greece and the United Kingdom pulled out of the contest a few years back.

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