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In an interveiw with he was asked about the possibility of representing Azerbaijan on home soil next year here is the question.

Q: In many social networking sites and forums you are called the most worthy candidate to represent Azerbaijan at “Eurovision-2012” in Baku. What can you say about it?
A: I was so touched by this attitude. And I am grateful to everyone who deems me worthy of this honor. But the fact is that I perform my music neither for contests not for competitions. “Eurovision” is a contest. Young artists need a victory at the contest. This is a good way to attract attention, to gain sympathy in Europe , to bring fame to their countries. I cannot call myself a beginner. So I would have to refuse from the proposed honor, but I am willing to help Azerbaijan and its representatives in all undertakings related to the Eurovision 2012.

Emin is the son of a Russian billionaire and is married to the Azerbiajani Presidents daughter Leyla Aliyeva. He is most well know in the CIS countries and has released five albums, here is his most well known song “Stick It Toegther”:

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