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What Happened in 2007? Part 2

This is the second part of the short series “What Happened in 2007” this looks back at the build up to Eurovision 2007 and the joke songs that made the contest so memorable for myself. Today we will be looking at the songs of semi final from 2007 that were just unbeleivable and even slightly controversial. So lets go back four years ago and look at those semi final songs.

Country: Israel
Song: Push The Button
Artist: Teapacks
Music: Kobi Oz
Lyrics: Kobi Oz
Language: English, French, Hebrew
Result: 24th
Points: 17 points

Push The Button was called to be banned from the contest after the lyrics were perceived by many to be too political, something that the contest bans. It is thought to refer to the Iranians stance on Israel and the threat of Nuclear was between the two nations. On a lighter note it was just total and utter madness, they look absolutely mad and they are dressed like something out of the 80s, it is so odd that Im really not sure what genre this song is. The Teapacks are full of character on stage and give a good performance, but sadly that performance was not worth the 74 points they needed to qualify for the final, it is Israel’s worst result in the contests history so far.

Country: Switzerland
Song: Vampires Are Alive
Artist: DJ Bobo
Music: Ren

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