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The Eurovision Song Contest 2007 from Helsinki, Finland was a contest like no other for me, it was the first one that got me really interested and this was due to one thing only, the comic songs that graced the TV screens of Europe which made us really wonder what happened to the song element of the contest. I’m now going back to see what caused 2007 to be an overload of “what was that?”

I think it all began in 2006 we had a few songs that just sounded so bad and were all going for the entertainment value not the vocal value, the first of these was Monaco with Severine Ferrer and “La Coco-Dance”, it came 21st with 14 points and was well awful live.

This was anything from normal from Monaco who are better known for Ballads than Tahitian dance songs, it was odd and poorly performed, it was the start of what I would call joke songs. This was a minor joke song, it would have sounded good, but was just so bad. Now we are off to Lithuania who were represented by LT United with the song “We Are The Winners”. It was a tongue in cheek song that you either loved or hated, they sung about their inevitable victory at the contest and well this lets says annoyed a fair amount of fans, it was booed by many fans at the end, I personally loathe the song, but this really was a shock when they came 6th with 162 points, Lithuania’s best result ever.

And then we get onto the song of that year that was not remembered for it’s lyrics or beat but for the person who performed it. Yes it’s “Congratulations” from Silvia Night of Iceland, it was horrendous on the ears and awful Iceland’s image. Here are some of the lyrics; “So congratulations, I have arrived/I’m Silvia Night and I’m shining so bright/Eurovision nation, your dream’s coming true/You’ve been waiting and waiting for me to save you” It then goes onto “hot, okay, really not too gay” describing the song and the lyric that will it forever remembered is “The vote is in, I’ll fucking win”. Now this lyric was pulled out for the semi final but it was too late for the CD and the lyric stayed on the CD. Silvia was known for abusing a stage manager who she called “fucking retard” which was misheard as “fucking Greek”. Anyway here is the song and here is what I think was the biggest cause for the 2007 contest jokes.

I will be back later with the first few songs of 2007 that were the start of the joke contest.

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