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Will this years contest even go ahead so far we only have nine confirmed participants these are; Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Georgia, Moldova, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine. Now this current number is too low, the EBU normally does not run a contest if participation reaches under 10 countries which at the minute it is. Since the contest  started in 2004 17 countries have withdrawn every year since the contest begun at least 2 countries have withdrawn each year. Cyprus returned in 2006 and then left again in 2010, Sweden returned in 2009 and is staying due to STV interest now and finally Latvia and Lithuania returned in 2010 but now Latvia has said it will withdraw from the contest.
So far this year we have had the withdrawal of Latvia and also Romania have said they will not return. FYR Macedonia, Malta and Lithuania are yet to confirm but are expected to withdraw from the contest as well. Serbia is expected to possibly confirm participation. So 28 countries have at one time or another participated in the contest we are currently down to 9. Sorry but I think Junior Eurovision needs to do one of these three things:
  1. Lower the participation fee to compensate for the cost of getting to Armenia.
  2. Reinvent the contest, encourage more western nations to take part.
  3. Make sure the winnder hosts instead of paying to host. Encouraging nations to take part to boost toourism and interest in the contest.

Eurovoix will keep you up to date on all the goings on regarding the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2011, inclduing the participation and selection of artists.

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