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What caused the death of the Eurovision Dance Contest? p2.

After my look into the Eurovision Dance Contest 2007 lets have a look at the 2008 contest and then I will give my reasons on why I think the contest collappsed and died in a sorry state.

Eurovision Dance Contest 2008:
The second contest was again held in the United Kingdom but was live from Glasgow, Scotland on the 6th of September. It was again hosted by Claudia Winkleman and Graham Norton from the BBC. We also saw some rule changes for this contest,  professional couples were no longer eligible to enter the contest. At least one dancer from each couple had to be a local celebrity, not professionally trained to dancer. Another change was that each couple only performed once. In 2007 each couple performed a ballroom or Latin routine followed by a freestyle dance incorporating national flavour; in the 2008 contest, the couples only performed a freestyle dance . Also in 2008 a panel of experts were introduced with an approximate weight of 23% of the total outcome and the rest 77% determined through televoting. The highest possible points from the jury were 48 while the televoting cast a maximum of 156 points. 

Even before the contest had begun Germany and Switzerland had both withdrawn due to low viewing figures and poor results. Then just days before the contest was too happen Spain withdrew from the contest, they were due to perform 15th and had already chosen their participants. These withdrawals meant that new nations were allowed to participate only Azerbaijan decided to debut in 2008. 9 other countries also broadcasted the contest these were; Alabania, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cyprus, FYR Macedonia, Iceland, Israel, Malta and Spain. These results of the contest were as follows:

  1. Poland 154
  2. Russia 121
  3. Ukraine 119
  4. Lithuania 110
  5. Azerbaijan 106
  6. Denmark 102
  7. Greece 72
  8. Portugal 61
  9. United Kingdom 47
  10. Finland 44
  11. Ireland 40
  12. Sweden 38
  13. Austria 29
  14. Netherlands 1
So Poland won the 2008 contest but they did not go onto host the next contest, it was off to Azerbaijan and to Baku for the third Eurovision Dance Contest.

The Contest that never was?

So the third contest was organised for the summer of 2009 but it is now 2011 and the contest has still not come about so whatever went wrong. Azerbaijan was out to show the world that Azerbaijan is on the global map and can host an event with millions of viewers from across the world, the date was penned for the 26th of September 2009. It was supposed to be an open air extravaganza with former Eurovision, Junior Eurovision and Eurovision Dance participants all on one stage. But on the 28th of May 2009 the EBU announced the contest was postponed until the autumn of 2010, they said “the number of broadcasters that signed up for participation did not reach the desired level” According to the EBU at least five countries had announced their intention to withdraw from the contest these were; Austria, Finland, Lithuania, Netherlands and Sweden this would have brought the numbers down to 9, but Belarus confirmed they would take part making 10 countries in the contest.

According to contest coordinator on behalf of EBU Tal Barnea “concrete plans for a 2010 autumn event are now being developed, with considerable changes to introduce a new programme proposal”. These plans were expected to be unveiled in the autumn of 2009. The EBU also praised “the commendable work on the next Eurovision Dance Contest already completed by our partners Ictimai Television and the Azerbaijani officials” stating that 2010 edition of the contest is planned to take place in Baku, Azerbaijan as well. In January 2010, EBU Eurovision coordinator, Svante Stockselius, announced that contest has been postponed again, and that it is now unlikely to happen at all, at least within the next couple of years. He explained this decision with the fact that the boom of the TV dance shows has calmed down recently.

So Svante’s blamed the lack of interest in TV dance shows but where there other reasons. Let’s take a look for a start the cost to get to Azerbaijan, a quick search for flights to Baku during the time the contest would have been held in 2009/10 flights cost between

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