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Stefan Raab Leaves Eurovision

Stefan Raab who co-hosted this year Eurovision Song Contest has today announced he will be stepping down from all roles within the contest. In a statement he said:

“The Final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest was an absolute highlight of my Eurovision Song Contest career,” Raab said. ” I have decided I will not be involved as a host, chairman of the jury, composer and musical producer in the Eurovision Song Contest in Germany anymore.”

This means that Raab will no longer be involved in the German selection process that he headed in 2009 that brought Germany their second victory. On the other hand his company Brainstorm will still be involved in the selection process. Stefan wrote the song for the 1998 German entry and conducted the performance in Birmingham. He then represented Germany in 2000 with the song “Wadde Hadde Dudde Da”, he then returned four years later a composed the 2004 German entry from Max Mutzke. He has the proud honour of never having an entry outside the top.10 with all the songs he has worked with. Here is his 2000 entry:

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