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Round Up of Each Countries Performance This Year p7

So the Eurovision Song Contest is gone for another year and the majority of us will drift off back to normality, but for the diehard fans it carries on year round. So how did this year’s contest go for each of the countries this year, this is the a-z of this year’s countries.

FYR Macedonia SF2: 15:

Macedonia has had another poor contest, this is their worst result in the contest ever and personally I’m not sure if Macedonia can keep coming back much longer. “Rusinka” was an ok song not great but no awful but overall the best part of the song was the LCD screen in the background, which worked very well. Unlucky once again Macedonia, you will be back stronger than ever before in 2012.

Malta SF1: 11:

Malta did well this year and almost made it to the final had it not been for Switzerland getting that extra 1 point. Glen would have had an amazing Birthday yesterday but I think after 5 attempts of trying to represent Malta he has had a great time at Eurovision. I can’t wait to see Malta again next year and see what they can pull out of the bag. This is Malta’s second best result in half a decade.

Moldova Final: 12:

This is Moldova’s 32rd best result in the contest and once again Zdob si Zdub have done Moldova proud. After scrapping through to the final by just 1 point in semi final 2 Moldova have done brilliantly once again. Moldova just has the something that means that they will never send a normal song and I hope it stays that way. Good Luck Moldova next year hope to see you in Baku.

Netherlands SF2: 19:

Another poor showing for the Netherlands that is now 6 years of not making it to the final. I do wonder how the Netherlands can carry on doing so badly. Ohh well 3JS gave it their best shot and they should be proud of themselves. Now all us fans have to do is what an see what the Netherlands thinks will win next year. See you in Azerbaijan Netherlands.

Another four countries are up in a bit.

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