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Round Up of Each Countries Performance This Year p6

So the Eurovision Song Contest is gone for another year and the majority of us will drift off back to normality, but for the diehard fans it carries on year round. So how did this year’s contest go for each of the countries this year, this is the a-z of this year’s countries.

Israel SF2: 15:

Israel were hugely disappointed when Dana International did not make it to the final, she only places 15th in Semi Final 2 with 38 points. This was always going to be an fan favourite and was not going to get to many public votes. This is Israel’s worst result since coming last in the semi final in 2007, I think Israel will have to make a rethink next time when voting in the national final Kadam.

Italy Final: 2:

I don’t think anyone saw Italy coming second with 189 points. No way will Italy pull out of the contest now, with a return like that, wow. I personally thought that this song was going to do poorly but the poor performance from France helped this song hugely. Well done Italy and a massive Welcome Back. Hope to see you again in Baku.

Latvia SF2: 17:

I think that 17th was not the place the Latvia deserved to come, they should have managed at least 12th place. I think that possibly the raping caused its downfall, anyway I think that Latvia just need to try again and send a popular song that will get the voters. Good luck Latvia next year in Azerbaijan.

Lithuania Final: 19:

This is the 3rd best result ever for Lithuania and it’s nice to see them do so well with such a good song. Evelina has definitely done Lithuania and Poland proud. All I can say is keep it up and you may well make it to the final in Azerbaijan again and maybe even get into the high teens. Well done Lithuania outstanding entry this year.

Four more countries are up later on.

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