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Round Up of Each Countries Performance This Year p5

So the Eurovision Song Contest is gone for another year and the majority of us will drift off back to normality, but for the diehard fans it carries on year round. So how did this year’s contest go for each of the countries this year, this is the a-z of this year’s countries.

Greece Final: 7:

Greece will be incredibly happy with this results, although I personally though that Loukas looked ill and very tired they managed to pull it off. They managed to keep Greece’s run of top 10 finishes since 2004 going. And weirdly got the same amount of points as 2009 when they came 7th, spooky. Overall well done Greece you should be incredibly happy with how you did last night. Hope to see another Greek entry next year.

Hungary Final: 22:

Hungary will be very disappointed coming 22nd after being fan favourites during the OGAE club voting. It is however good to see a returning country getting back into the finals on first try and hopefully you will be back again next year better than ever. This you even managed a 12 from Finland well done, Hungary.

Iceland Final: 20:

Amazing Iceland you have done a brilliant job once again four years running of making it to the final. Your song was lovely and I think that Iceland will be proud of how you did. You even managed a 12 points from Hungary, which is very un expected. I would however love to see you back on the left hand side of the board and possibly win, Yohanna would that be possible?

Ireland Final: 8:

An amazing 8th place for Ireland your best result in just over a decade. Jedward did brilliant last night and hopefully this is a sign of things to come, well done Jedward. I think that all that Ireland has to do is send more up to date song that have a wider appeal like Jedward who were beginning to become favourites to win at one point.

We will be back in another hour or so with the next four countries.

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