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France has shown it’s interest to compete again at the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku in just over 1 years time. France this year suffered huge disappointment after placing only 16th with “Sognu” from Amaury Vassili. “Sognu” was bookies favourite in the build up to the contest so in 2012 France will be hoping to turn it’s chances around and come in the top.10 again. As a big five country France would automatically make it to the final.

Hungary has also shown interest in participating once again, at the moment MTV is yet to release a statement but the reception from the Hungarian public this year is expected to warrant their participation next year. This year they came 22nd with 53 points, their song was “What About My Dreams?” which was a huge fan favourite receiving the most points in an OGAE fan club vote.

We would like to wish both countries the best of luck in the coming year and we hope to see them return once again.

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