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OGAE Israel Voting Results

OGAE Israel has today released its voting result for Eurovision Song Contest 2011, Israel this year who has sent Dana International is hoping for another win. Here are the voting results from 12-1:
  • Hungary 12
  • United Kingdom 10
  • Belarus 8
  • France 7
  • Sweden 6
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina 5
  • Norway 4
  • Denmark 3
  • Estonia 2
  • Germany 1

Today we see Belarus joining the table in 20th position. We also see today Hungary’s 5th 12 in a row and it’s 9th 12 now received. The top 4 are now covered by 34 points, Sweden is now in 4th 5 points behind the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is 9 points behind France and France is 17 points behind Hungary. Here are the results of the rest of the OGAE results: OGAE Votes

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