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Daily News: May 2nd 2011

Today we have all of the videos from the days rehearsals plus news juts in from OGAE Belgium about their voting results which we shall start off with.

OGAE Belgium Votes Announced In The Past 30 Minutes:
OGAE has just released its votes for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf just a couple of hours from Brussels the Belgian Capital. So let’s see how they voted:
  • France 12
  • Sweden 10
  • Azerbaijan 8
  • United Kingdom 7
  • Germany 6
  • Hungary 5
  • Estonia 4
  • Denmark 3
  • Italy 2
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina 1
So Belgium has stopped Hungary’s streaks of 12s, we see now that the Top 4 are covered by 26 points. Hungary is now 2 points away from reaching the 200 points mark. Also we see that Azerbaijan has now overtaken Bosnia & Herzegovina to take 6th place. For all the OGAE rankings now follow the link: OGAE Votes

Iceland Launch An Official Website:

This year’s entry from Iceland Sjonni’s Freinds have today released their official website. They will be singing “Coming Home”, this year’s entry has a hugely emotional back story. Sjonni Brink who was originally going to perform the song died of a sudden heart attack just days before he was to take to the stage in Iceland. It was not known whether the song was going to be pulled but in  memory of Sjonni his friends will now sing for him. Here is the bands official site:

Get The Czech Republic Back To Eurovision: 

Eurovoix is on a mission to get the Czech Republic back to the Eurovision Song Contest. They entered three times and did not do so well, but us fans want the Czech Republic back, they were great competitors even though they only managed to get 10 points. We want to see the Czech Republic back in its full glory and back on the Eurovision song making it to the final and even possibly winning. We want to see Cesk

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