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Rehersals from the Esprit Arena p2 1st of May

Sorry about the delay today guys right without further to do let’s see the next 6 songs hoping that they could win the Eurovision Song Contest and do their home nation proud. Up first is Turkey with a automatic qualifier song in my books:

Up next are Serbia who will be performing sixth on the night with their sixties inspired song “Magical” which is full of colour and is surprisingly memorable:

Performing seventh in Semi Final and hoping to do Russia proud is Alex Sparrow with the song “Get You” who is sure to win the hearts of many of the voters:

Switzerland have changed their ways this year by sending a good song and a great person up now is Anna Rossinelli with “In Love For A While”:

Up now is a song that you either love or hate and sorry I hate it, but anyway from Georgia it’s Eldrine with the song “One More Day”:

Finally today it is the urn of Finland who are represented by Paradise Oskar and the song ” Da Da Dam” if you don’t love this song there must be something wrong with you:

Thanks for reading will be back tomorrow with more Rehearsal videos from Dusseldorf have a great day.

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