National Final Looks More  Likely

National Final Looks More Likely

According to ESC Insight Romania look likely to be holding a national selection. Ewan Spence spoke to Krystal Mills who applied to represent Switzerland in Copenhagen, who told him that she has been invited to duet in the Romanian Pre-selection with Mircea Cioclei. Krystal told Ewan that despite not making it to the Swiss final that:

But that never stopped me having the determination to continue pursuing my Eurovision Dream! I recently got approached from Mircea who wanted me to duet with him on one of his own tracks in the Romanian pre-selection.

She went on to say that:

The song has been beautifully written and is great Duet/Ballad sound. I hope to sing it on that huge stage in Copenhagen to the millions of viewers. Lets hope the Romanians enjoy our new track!

There has been a large amount of speculation around the Romanian selection process for Eurovision with big names putting themselves forward for the contest. Ovi & Paula who represented Romania in 2010 have said they have song ready for the contest which is being released shortly. Also the winner of The Voice Romania, Stefan Stan also revealed he had a song ready which he would be dueting with TeddyK on.

At this stage there has been no confirmation of a national final, however it looks likely that one will be taking place with the latest news.

Source: ESC Insight