Protests Have Begun Against The Results

Protests Have Begun Against The Results

Less than 2 hours after the Ukrainian national final a number of acts have protested the results of the national in which Mariya Yaremchuk won with the maximum of 24 points. Mariya won both the jury and televote, but the televote was by a massive margin of 2,308 votes.

The allegations surround what appears to be phone line blocking. The voting lines for a number of participants were supposedly blocked meaning that the votes were going to Mariya.

am de ti”. The Ukrainian selection process has in the past had a dubious history of allegations of vote rigging, the worst of these was in 2011 when the results of the national final were annulled, with a new final due to take place but the two other acts withdrew.

neAngely have told their fans on Facebook that:

Our experts have recorded unusual increase in the number of votes in some participants and others blocking vote. Play in fair competition is not ashamed. But to participate in dirty games we would like the least. We promise to make every effort to find out all the details and keep you posted! Our Dearest friends, We Thank you so very much for your support for NEANGELY in national finals for Eurovision Song Contest 2014! We value your every voice! Unfortunately, it Seems not All votes Were Counted Correctly. Our Specialists have not typical Observed votes count for some contestants, and blockage of votes for others. It is not A Shame to Lose in Fair Competition. But Foul play – is not our game. We promise to Investigate All details and Come back to you!

Source: esckaz