Turkvizyon Act Chosen

Turkvizyon Act Chosen

Romania have announced that they are taking part in Turkvizyon. The country is another late entrant to the contest who was not on the first participant list. According to the Eskisehir 2013 site, a total of 23 countries are now taking part, we are however only aware of 22 countries.

The channel which is in charge of Romanian participation is Alpha TV Media, we understand from the video below that the act was chosen by a jury made up of:

  • Mioara Girba-Tutu
  • Negait Sali
  • Ismet Zaat
  • Belgin Naim
  • Florin Oprica

Genghiz Erhan Cutcalai was selected, but his song was not revealed. You can watch the video on the Romanian selection below:

Source: Alpha Media